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After School Programs List

Our after school programs address student's holistic needs and cultivate life-long learners that are prepared for the future.

What’s Included:

  • Qualified Instructors

  • All Materials, Supplies, & Equipment

  • Necessary Supplemental Materials for Students to Implement at Home (where applicable)

Individual Math and Reading Tutoring

Students will get 1-on-1 tutoring in Math and Reading. Only available for students below grade level.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Students are exposed to various forms of dance and learn fun dance routines as they get their bodies moving to the beat.

Martial Arts

Students not only learn self-defense skills, they will improve coordination and get a full body workout while developing greater emotional stability and self-confidence in our Martial Arts program.

Inventors Unite

Students will collaborate, communicate, and use their problem-solving skills, to hone essential STEM skills to bring inventions to life.

Chess Masters

The game of chess allows students to strengthen their strategizing, problem solving, pattern recognition, and creative thinking skills. In Chess Masters, students learn that they never lose; they learn from mistakes and perform better next time.

Mindfulness & Yoga

Studies have shown that yoga helps to improve anxiety, memory, boost self-esteem, and reduce stress in children. Mindfulness & Yoga students will improve both mental and physical health through breathing exercises and poses.

Art is Everywhere

Art stimulates imagination and improves cognitive and problem-solving skills. During Art is Everywhere students will explore art from various parts of the world and create their own works of art.

Cooking Around the World

During these hands-on sessions, students will learn about food and cooking safety, and how to prepare and cook healthy nutritious snacks and meals from around the world.

Planting Seeds that Bloom: Mentoring

Mentoring has immeasurable effects on young people and their futures. Mentors will focus on self-worth, authenticity, and self-esteem, to equip students to become productive members of society that have the tools to handle the roller coaster of life.

Music Moguls in the Making

There is much more to music than just the person on the cover of an album. Someone designed the music video set, composed and produced the music, and the list goes on. Students will be exposed to various components, equipment, and careers in the music industry in this hands-on program.

Mind, Body, & Soul Athletics

Students are introduced to uncommon sports such as cornhole and bocce ball and have the opportunity to develop and sharpen skills in their favorite sports like basketball and soccer.

Nextgen Moguls Financial Literacy

Students participate in a fun, innovative and engaging program designed to prepare students for the real world and help them develop a healthy relationship with money. Students are taught to be good stewards over their finances by setting achievable goals, budgeting, saving, and investing.

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