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Aspiring/New Entrepreneurs


Virtuous Boss educates and empowers individuals to build generational wealth spiritually and financially using their gifts to start and maintain their own small business God’s way.

I have been called to coach others through the journey of starting a small business. I walk with clients through the promises of God, teach entrepreneurial foundational blocks and coach them in writing a business plan. There are a plethora of courses and coaches that can help individuals start businesses, however, I have been called to teach how to run a business God’s way. 

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Entrepreneurship 101


Not ready to write a business plan? Not sure what type of business to start? Learn from a Biblical perspective how God made you unique and explore your passions while learning entrepreneurial principles.

  • 8 Virtual Small Group Sessions

  • 8 Week Devotional to Accompany the Course


8-2 Hour Sessions




How to Start a Business 101


Learn the Principles of Entrepreneurship Based on Biblical Truths and Apply them to Writing your Own Business Plan:

  • 12 Virtual Small Group Sessions

    • 3 Contest Worth $100 Each

  • 12 Week Devotional to Accompany the Course

  • One-on-One Office Hours Held Weekly

  • One In-Person Coaching Session

  • Weekly Review and Assistance with Writing Your Plan

  • Opportunity to Win your Investment + Interest in the Business Plan Competition 

    • Winner Earns Course Fee Back $1,500


12-2.5 Hour Sessions



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