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About Us


Mission Statement


Virtuous Boss educates and empowers women and the youth through interactive workshops, events and courses to ensure they have healthy relationships with money and have the necessary tools and information to start their own businesses.

Our Philosophy

Entrepreneurship and financial literacy are biblical principles and can be taught to anyone. In order to become financially stable and sustainable one must build generational wealth by generating multiple streams of income and teaching entrepreneurial thinking to the next generation. However, this must be addressed holistically. Our goal is for our young people to be the most well-rounded generation; mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, occupationally and intellectually.

Our Values

Faith | Integrity | Innovation | Entrepreneurship

Our Vision


As the premier education and consulting firm, Virtuous Boss’ focus is to help build generational wealth by educating women and the next generation to have a positive relationship with money and have an entrepreneurial mindset

Expose | Educate | Empower | Inspire

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